We are currently partnering with ministries in Cambodia and Uganda!

Bekah is thrilled to work alongside champions of children in these two countries.  It was a dream to be able to call them up and say, "Do you need help?" Some of what we are doing is training staff, developing children's outreach, pop-up schools, kids church, and child development programs, and seeing how we can get kids an education in the slums and remote areas. Not only is education a right, but it is also a powerful tool to prevent injustices like trafficking and break cycles of poverty. 'Everything is awesome when you work in a team' says Emmett. We agree.


Extreme Love Ministry based out of Phnom Penh Cambodia has a vision is to see the elimination of modern-day slavery, through anti-trafficking efforts in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. Their mission is to facilitate on-ground partnerships, projects, and outreaches to individuals and communities, for the rescue and protection of at-risk children.


- Pop-Up Classroom Program outside Gulu, Uganda

- Hire two teachers

- Create and distribute hygiene kits, first-period packs, and school start backpacks.

- Expand the 'Kick-It' outreach program

- Resources for teachers and students including translated curriculum that works for their specific needs and unique outreach

- Teacher and children's worker training


Each child we help lasts more than a lifetime, the impact is eternal.