We are currently partnering with ministries in Cambodia and Uganda!

Bekah is thrilled to work alongside champions of children in these two countries.  It was a dream to be able to call them up and say, "Do you need help?" Some of what we are doing is training staff, developing children's outreach, pop-up schools, kids church, and child development programs, and seeing how we can get kids an education in the slums and remote areas. Not only is education a right, but it is also a powerful tool to prevent injustices like trafficking and break cycles of poverty. 'Everything is awesome when you work in a team' says Emmett. We agree.


While. continuing to work with partners around the world, particularly Cambodia, we have a dream to get a moving classroom program, beginning with one pop-up class, up and running in Northern Uganda. We are currently fundraising the budget for a year long program. Once we reach our fundraising goal, Bekah will head over and get it all going! Especially during the covid pandemic, schools were closed for longer than any other country. They need us now more than ever. Please consider donating to our fundraising efforts to get this classroom off the ground and changing kids lives! 


We are currently in development of two awesome projects. Bekah is starting in partnership with the Moving Classroom Project a social enterprise fundraiser to support her and the work of the Moving Classroom activities. Find out more by going to @ittakestwokidsshop in Facebook or Instagram. In conjunction with this, we offer our own donation shop -- where you can support the purchase of needed supplies, etc. Come back soon to our site to see our donation side of the It Takes Two Kids Shop.

Kids Church To-Go is in development. The heart behind this is to make God-learning available to english speaking kids via the internet, a DIGITAL MOVING CLASSROOM and support parents, teachers, group leaders, and churches in their efforts to help kids to know God. More information will be coming soon, stay tuned!

Both of these projects work to help the kids hey serve first and foremost to love on and empower ALL kids but second we hope to see these parallel projects generate awareness and community around the Moving. Classroom in order to help kids in crisis and kids in extreme need.

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