To give children who are marginalized an access to a quality, holistic education. Why? So they will live long and prosperous lives.

Let's knock down some barriers and empower some potential! Yes!


In the words of Paulo Freire, "...it [education] then becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which [boys] and [girls] deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world."


We partner with other organizations who want to implement innovative solution to help kids. We will go and help where we are desperately needed to:


- Build pop-up school classrooms

- Help improve existing education /child development programs 

- Train local teachers/children's workers

- Develop resources and support for students and teachers (i.e. school supplies, safe transformation, teaching tools, scholarships.)

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Rebekah is thrilled and honoured to be part of a few communities who put the WE and OUR in the moving classroom.


This is a project with Lifespring Ministries International DBA Fireplace Ministries. It's directors have been working with Bekah and all work with children since she first started.


There are more friends and family from Kelowna BC, from Alberta, and around the world who are a part of the community joining in the continuing mission.

The Heart Behind It All

Why do we do what we do? Watch the video to get a little bit of the reason for it all!

Rebekah Dawn Croker

Rebekah teaches, is a children's pastor, and an education and child activist. She is a Canadian who has worked with children and children’s workers (i.e. social workers, teachers, parents and foster parents, ministers, counsellors, etc.) in over twenty countries around the world and in Canada for over twenty-five years. She loves to read and see children reading. Rebekah can’t really name a favourite book but she has a real soft spot for Diana Wynn Jones' Howl and his moving castle. She grew up spending a lot of time in a travelling circus-style tent (that's another story). She also is unashamedly a bit of a Trekkie. (Again with all the moving around!) However, her greatest adventure is to be the love of God to children and she believes in the transformative power and freedom that a good education can give a child.

Rebekah Dawn Croker