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to boldly go where no school has been before


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"Free a child's potential and you will transfer [him][her] to the world." Maria Montessori

Pop-Up Classrooms

Often whole generations of children miss out on getting schooling while we try to build an education system. Our goal is to build a bridge between the now and the not yet, to help organizations create learning environments that require little or no infrastructure or on-going cost, and that are accessible to vulnerable or isolated children.

Roaming Resources

Our goal is to train teachers and child workers to have the skills and experience necessary and who will travel. We work to develop and reproduce teaching tools that are accessible to limited

budgets, can be easily carried, and that work in unconventional settings. We also hope to make safe transportation to school possible.

Traveling With Love

We believe love is the most powerful force on the planet and that good, healthy, consistent love is essential to a child's development. We don't think love is a trite concern but rather an essential element of any good social and transformative work. We want to live out the love of God -- like Jesus -- to every child, parent, and teacher.

Help us travel through time
by changing the future